Chapter 1: Leaving the World a Better Place


A Wow Moment makes an experience extraordinary. A Wow Moment takes what we expect from a situation, event, or interaction and elevates it to the unexpected. A Wow Moment provides an unanticipated, lasting spark to a relationship and creates a memorable experience.

While our primary focus in the pages to come will be to explore creating Wow Moments for your customers , clients , and associates- moments that elevates the stature of your business in their eyes- we will also explore Wow Moments that infuse meaning and wonder into our relationships, our community, and our world outside of work.

I’ve spent most of my career in the medical profession.I run medical centers. Providing an exceptional healthcare experience is the bottom line to everything I do; making that experience extraordinary in the eyes of our patients is what separates us from our competitors down the street, across town , and all the ones trying emulate our success. It will do the same for your business ,regardless of your industry.

It was a Wow Moment that pointed me in the direction of the healthcare industry in the first place. I was 13 when I lost my grandmother .It was the most heartbreaking experience of my life. Grandma was the pillar of our family. She was the glue. Her name was Dorothy Kent ,and I spent a large part of my childhood sharing her love and learning from her. Losing her was a Wow Moment that changed my life.

Grandma Kent died of diabetes. This was  30 years ago. Today it would never have happened. Advances in modern medicine and our understanding today of how diet and exercise help to manage diabetes might have given her another 25 years.But the education and the understanding we have today of such diseases didn’t exist then. For a 13-year-old ,it was  devastating. All I wanted to do was save her in some way . It was this event ,as negative as it may have been ,that sparked my interest in healthcare, a spark that has never died. Her death and the disease that killed her were the impetus and the catalyst  for who I am today.

Wow Moments come in all shapes and sizes. As you can see from my experience with my Grandma, not all of them are pleasant.Some are painful. Some are inspiring.Some are life changing.Some just make for a better day.

Educating patients so they have a better understanding of their disease is a huge part of what we do in my medical centers everyday. Back in my grandmother’s day, for example ,we didn’t know how significant diet and exercise were in the life of a diabetic. Now we can explain the cause and effect of the choices they make and help them to make the right choices for a healthier life.


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    Mark Kent has experience as an entrepreneur and for the past ten years has been a Fortune 100 company executive. Mark is a nurse by training with a Master’s in Business Administration from Purdue University, Six-Sigma training at the University of Michigan, and recognized as a Six Sigma Master Black Belt by the American Society for Quality. He is also both a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives and a Fellow of the Medical Group Management Association. Aside from this book he has published several articles on organizational behavior and healthcare management, is a frequent speaker on health care matters, and has served on the boards of several local and national charities. Additionally, Mark founded the Foster Children’s United Society, a private not-for-profit foundation in which assists foster children.