Hiring the Right People to Do the Right Thing

Mark Kent explains the importance of hiring the right people and empowering them to do the right thing.

Not everyone is created or ready for all roles in all positions in every company. So when you’re rushing to fill a position, and you really haven’t mapped out all of the inputs necessary to make that particular role that touches a particular person, customer, patient, etc. If you haven’t identified what’s really important to them at all of the inputs, then chances are, you’re going to miss the mark. It takes discipline. It takes a lot of training. But it also takes identifying what’s necessary to be successful and empowering everyone within an organization to make those decisions on the spot.

Here’s an example of that. I have a very good friend who was on a Disney cruise line [with his family]. What happened was they overslept, so by the time they showed up for breakfast, it was too late. That was structure, structured time; it was passed the time. The hostess said, “I’m sorry, but we’re closed.” And of course [my friend’s] son said, “Oh no, I won’t get to see Mickey or Minnie.” [The hostess] said, “There’s another area where you can still have breakfast, just not in the main dining room.” Seeing that my colleague’s son was very disappointed, she asked for their room number. She said nothing else. What was setup was that the next morning at their cabin arrived Mickey, Minnie, and Donald Duck wheeling in breakfast. [The hostess] was empowered enough to recognize that this was a miss on a service basic, even though the company had done nothing wrong. It was clearly posted what time breakfast was, but she was empowered enough to reach out to someone and say, “Here’s an opportunity to correct something that wasn’t even our fault, but really create an overwhelming Wow Moment.”

That story [my colleague] shared with about eight-hundred of us in an auditorium. What do you think the impact is to Disney? Every single one of us are telling this story. I’ve now been on a Disney cruise with my family. It increases revenue. By not focusing on what’s important to the customer, the patient, the client, etc., by not understanding the inputs that are necessary that drive revenue and that are important, you can miss the mark. Whether it’s a down economy or an up economy, people still want to connect, and they still want good customer service.

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