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A Little About Me.

Mark Kent is a philanthropist, an author, and a highly sought after speaker.
Mark is the Chief Executive Officer of Women’s Health Care in Evansville, Indiana operating several locations in Evansville and Newburgh, and an acute care hospital.  Prior to joining Women’s Health Care, he was the Regional President of all Humana-owned, Florida-based primary care practices, including CAC-Florida, MetCare and Continucare. He was responsible for building upon the success of CAC-Florida Medical Centers with expansion and patient growth. Prior to assuming this position, he was Market Vice President of the Ohio and Indiana Senior Products segment of the East Central Region with Humana. His segment was responsible for helping over 250,000 Medicare Advantage members achieve lifelong well-being.
At a very young age Mark learned the lessons of giving through his home church, St. James Lutheran Church, which assisted many Cubans in conjunction with Church World Service to safely arrive in the United States to pursue better lives. Then, as young man in college, Mark continued changing lives by serving on several mission trips Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras and other countries. He has donated more than $100,000 to support the victims of the Indian Ocean Tsunami (2004), Hurricane Katrina (2005), and the Haitian Earthquake (2010).  Additionally, Mark founded the Foster Children’s United Society, a private not-for-profit foundation in which assists foster children. He has also served on the boards of several local and national charities.
Mark is a nurse by training with a Master’s in Business Administration from Purdue University, Six-Sigma training at the University of Michigan, and recognized as a Six Sigma Master Black Belt by the American Society for Quality. He is also a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives and a Fellow of the Medical Group Management Association.
Mark has been a keynote speaker at top-tier organizations like Toyota Motor Company, Yahoo, NYU, Purdue, University of Miami, and AUPHA. His speaking engagement topics include Change Management: The Science and Psychology of Why Some Habits Stick and Others Fail … and What to Do About It; The Art of Decision Making:  Discover Proven Models for Strategic Thinking, Problem Solving, and Gaining a Lasting Mental Advantage; Continuous Learning: How to Transform the Habits of Teams and Leaders, and Master the Art of Continual Improvement; and Innovation in Bureaucracy: Think Like A Politician, But Act Like An Entrepreneur!
Mark has written and published several articles on business habits and behavior change, team building, entrepreneurship, organizational behavior and healthcare management. His work has been featured by the Miami Herald, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Miami Today, American Airlines Magazine – American Way, The Business Journal, and many others.
Mark has recently written a book titled “WOW MOMENTS! Turning Everyday Experiences Into Extraordinary Events” which has sold over 100,000 copies since its release in October 2014. Both the book and podcast series by the same name teach high performance and exceptional service strategies to corporations, entrepreneurs and individuals alike. The book Wow Moments! is available through and, iPAD and Kindle, as well as other fine bookstores nationwide. The podcast series can be found on iTunes.

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“I had the pleasure of meeting Mark early on in my career at Humana, and from the get go, it was clear to me that he possessed all of the tools necessary to reach the executive level for any organization. During the last few months of my stay in corporate finance, I had the opportunity to work directly with Mark as he assumed CEO duties for CAC Florida Medical Centers. During that time, I was thoroughly impressed by Mark’s ability to see the big picture, quickly identify the main parts of the system, and to pinpoint opportunities to remove waste and improve efficiencies. Mark is an excellent transformational leader, an elite level professional, and a big asset to any team fortunate enough to have him. Expect exceptional results when Mark is on the assignment.

Scott Crane

“Mark led a team in 2008 that tackled a complex, strategic business issue for our division. Working across functional groups, he guided a seemingly impossible initiative to a business result few deemed possible. Mark – your unique combination of brainpower, work experience, Six Sigma and project management skills, ability to influence and align others, and your professionalism make you a special person and strategic resource. You inspire others – thank you for the great person you are and the positive impact you have on your colleagues and company. I salute you! Salud!

Ben St. Clair

“I had the pleasure of working with Mark when he was Director of the Wholly Owned Affiliated Provider Medical Centers at Humana in South Florida. Mark’s ability to form relationships and work effectively within a matrixed organization is unsurpassed. He really knows how to remove barriers and get the job done. You can be sure that if Mark is on (or is leading) your team the project will get done and you will accomplish your goals.

Patricia Laughren
Regence Insurance Holding Corporation
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