Blog Post Mark Kent | Collaboration for Better, More Sustainable Results




Mark Kent | Collaboration for Better, More Sustainable Results

Mark Kent, Regional President at Humana, discusses the importance of collaboration in the workplace.

What I like to focus on is collaboration and removing ego from meetings. What I mean by that is I love all input, and I want to hear it. The reason I want to hear it is because I’m not that smart, and I believe that there are a number of people in that room around me who really are. Every single day, they do what I’ll call the blocking and the tackling or the taking ground for the organization, to move and advance the ball down the field. I can’t be the quarterback, the running back, the defense. I can’t do it all, so because of that, I’ve got to empower [the team] to make split decisions very quickly while they’re advancing the ball down the field. Collaboration is something I really like wholeheartedly because I believe you get to a better end product that not only is good, but it’s sustainable for the long term.

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Mark Kent is the Chief Executive Officer of Women’s Health Care in Evansville, Indiana operating several locations in Evansville and Newburgh, and an acute care hospital. Prior to joining Women’s Health Care he was the Chief Executive Officer of the CAC- Florida Medical Centers (a subsidiary of Humana, Inc) and was responsible for building this division from 18 locations to 58 locations with expansion across the state of Florida. Prior to assuming this position, he was Market President of the Ohio and Indiana Senior Products segment of the East Central Region with Humana growing this market from 47 thousand members to over 250 thousand members across Medicare and Group Retirement plan products.