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Mark Kent discusses CAC Florida Medical Wellness Centers

Mark Kent discusses CAC Florida Medical and their Wellness Centers. Watch the video below to find out about CAC Medical’s importance on education, their preventative classes and their positive outcomes.

“Our wellness and activity centers are unique in that they focus on education, but also activities to promote well-being, (so activities like chair exercises). There’s a class that’s on falls, and what’s interesting about the class is that it’s not about preventing a fall. It’s actually about how best to fall to minimize an injury. So as seniors, we know they’re going to fall at some point in time, but we’re training them about balance, the proper way to stand, the proper way to perform exercises. But if you do find yourself in the middle of a fall, this is how best to fall to ensure that you minimize the impact of that. That program by itself has had tremendous results. We’ve seen less fractures and less injuries by that program. Also we’ve been able to increase patient’s balance, which is awesome.”

“Nuestros centros de bienestar y actividades son únicas en que se concentran en la educación, pero también actividades para promover el bienestar, como ejercicios de silla. Hay una clase que se trata de caídas y lo que es interesante de la clase es que no trata de evitar una caída. En realidad, se trata sobre la mejor manera de caerse para minimizar el daño interno. Así como las personas mayores que sabemos que van a caer en algún momento en el tiempo, pero les estamos entrenando sobre el equilibrio, la manera apropiada de estar de pie, la forma apropiada de realizar ejercicios, pero si te encuentras en medio de una caída, esta es la mejor manera de caer para asegurar que usted minimiza el efecto de impacto. Ese programa por sí mismo ha tenido resultados tremendos. Hemos visto menos fracturas y menos lesiones por ese programa. También nosotros hemos sido capaces de aumentar el equilibrio del paciente, lo cual es asombroso.”

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Mark Kent is the Chief Executive Officer of Women’s Health Care in Evansville, Indiana operating several locations in Evansville and Newburgh, and an acute care hospital. Prior to joining Women’s Health Care he was the Chief Executive Officer of the CAC- Florida Medical Centers (a subsidiary of Humana, Inc) and was responsible for building this division from 18 locations to 58 locations with expansion across the state of Florida. Prior to assuming this position, he was Market President of the Ohio and Indiana Senior Products segment of the East Central Region with Humana growing this market from 47 thousand members to over 250 thousand members across Medicare and Group Retirement plan products.