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Mark Kent | From Service Basics to Wow Moments

Mark Kent defines “Wow Moments,” the topic of his forthcoming book due out later this year.

There are service basics that each and every one of us look forward to or expect.  A “Wow Moment” is when you take it beyond that and create something that’s not easily replicable.  As a patient, for example, when you come into a medical center, you expect to be treated.  You also expect to be treated well.  You don’t expect the front desk to say “What are you here for?”  You don’t expect your physician to say, “Ugh, you again?”  You expect them to address your concern, document it, show empathy, etcetera.  That’s a service basic.  When you walk into a medical center and the person behind the desk recognizes you by name and says, “Hey, how are you?  How’s your dog?  How’s your daughter?  How’s your son?” that’s different.  That goes beyond what you’ve expected because you begin to create a bond.  There’s an emotional attachment.  When you walk into an exam room to meet the physician, and they walk in and they’ve read your chart and know a lot about you already, it’s more of a conversation and really getting to resolve the concern or the issue and taking the time to answer questions.  With one of my physicians, the patient said, “Would you mind praying with me?”  And the physician said, “Sure, I’ll take that time.”  That gets into a “Wow Moment” because it begins to create something that goes beyond [the expectation].  Someone can build another medical center, and someone can hire staff, but the way in which you train them, and the way in which they engage with the patient isn’t easily replicable.  That’s what [my book] Wow Moments is about and what the book goes into.  It delves across all industries.  Unfortunately, the expectation around customer service has dwindled over the years, so people begin to expect poor service.  You’ve got to get back to the service basic in order to get to the “Wow Moment.”  You can’t get to “Wow” unless your performing the service basics and meeting the basic expectations.

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Mark Kent is the Chief Executive Officer of Women’s Health Care in Evansville, Indiana operating several locations in Evansville and Newburgh, and an acute care hospital. Prior to joining Women’s Health Care he was the Chief Executive Officer of the CAC- Florida Medical Centers (a subsidiary of Humana, Inc) and was responsible for building this division from 18 locations to 58 locations with expansion across the state of Florida. Prior to assuming this position, he was Market President of the Ohio and Indiana Senior Products segment of the East Central Region with Humana growing this market from 47 thousand members to over 250 thousand members across Medicare and Group Retirement plan products.