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MCE Magazine Interview with Mark Kent



MCE Magazine Interview with Mark Kent

MCE Magazine, First Quarter 2014. Mark Kent is the Chief Executive Officer of the CAC- Florida Medical Centers and is responsible for building upon the success of CAC-Florida Medical Centers with expansion and patient growth. Prior to assuming this position, he was Market Vice President of the Ohio and Indiana Senior Products segment of the East Central Region with Humana. His segment was responsible for helping 180,000 Medicare Advantage members achieve lifelong well-being.

At a very young age Mark learned the lessons of giving through his home church, St. James Lutheran Church, which assisted many Cubans in conjunction with Church World Service to safely arrive in the United States to pursue better lives. Then, as a young man in college, Mark continued changing lives by serving on several mission trips to Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras and other countries. He has donated more than $100,000 to support the victims of the Indian Ocean Tsunami (2004), Hurricane Katrina (2005), and the Haitian Earthquake (2010).

Mark is a nurse by training with a Master’s in Business Administration from Purdue University, Six-Sigma training at the University of Michigan, and recognized as a Six Sigma Master Black Belt by the American Society for Quality. He is also both a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives and a Fellow of the Medical Group Management Association.

Mark has written and published several articles on organizational behavior and health care management, is a frequent speaker on health care matters, and has served on the boards of several local and national charities. Additionally, Mark founded the Foster Children’s United Society, a private not-for-profit foundation in which he assists foster children.

Mark is excited about coming back home to South Florida. Through his background as a market operations leader, he is able to assist the CAC-Florida Medical Centers’ staff to continue to deliver personalized and easily accessible medical care to more than 20,000 patients every year.

Q. Tell me about CAC and why you “engage patients in their care”?

A. Because health care is complex, and many patients struggle to obtain, process, communicate, and understand even basic health information and services. We have found that many of our patients lack health literacy, or a true understanding of their medical conditions. What’s more, according to Modern Health, “the US health care system often has seemed indifferent to patients’ desires and needs. Many practitioners fail to provide the information that patients need to make the best decisions about their own care and treatment. And even when patients do receive detailed in- formation, they can be overwhelmed or lack confidence in their own choices.” At CAC we identify patients with low levels of health literacy who find it difficult to follow instructions on how to care for themselves or to adhere to treatment regimens, such as taking their medicines, and work to educate them and coordinate their care needs with services provided via their health plan benefits or offered within the community.

At CAC we have worked to achieve a “patient-centered” well-being model and en- vision a healthcare system that provides care that is “respectful, responsive and tailored to individual patient preferences, needs, and values — while ensuring that a patient’s values guides all clinical decisions.”


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Mark Kent is the Chief Executive Officer of Women’s Health Care in Evansville, Indiana operating several locations in Evansville and Newburgh, and an acute care hospital. Prior to joining Women’s Health Care he was the Chief Executive Officer of the CAC- Florida Medical Centers (a subsidiary of Humana, Inc) and was responsible for building this division from 18 locations to 58 locations with expansion across the state of Florida. Prior to assuming this position, he was Market President of the Ohio and Indiana Senior Products segment of the East Central Region with Humana growing this market from 47 thousand members to over 250 thousand members across Medicare and Group Retirement plan products.